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4 reasons why ego is your enemy

Ego is your enemy

Being a musician is hard. “Getting there” requires a lot of work, knowing people, practicing, business knowledge, trusting others and the list goes on. The truth with “success” is that once you catch the momentum, you cannot stop doing what puts you forward. And that’s a tricky part. Ego is a trap that needs to be avoided at all costs.

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3 ways your brand affects your band management

What musicians aren't doing: Brand Management

Brand is a word that musicians (and most of other artists) love ignoring. Brush that scarcity away. Branding gives perception to your image, it’s the way you tell your story. There’s very little left of your music if you take the idea of branding out of it.

It’s time you take this seriously. Your image is what sells, not your music. How you and your team handles your brand is going to change the game for you.

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The importance of image for musicians: brand clarity

the importance of image for musicians

In the world we live in, more than ever we have more and more information thrown at our faces, cliche, but true. Happenings, people and well, businesses go viral, then they disappear. How many times have we seen an artist or song go viral and disappear shortly after. But the question is, is it just lack of a strong brand and image? It’s a general lack of clarity.

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Music Artist Branding – What you are not doing

Music Artist Branding - What you are not doing

So I committed to writing a book on the 31st of July, 2016 about music artist branding. Cringe worthy for most music artists. For most, but not the smart ones. It talks about the importance of branding for artists in the music business. As a Designer, I have a systematic view of problems, which is a skill I developed in University and with experience. You see, not every Designer has business skills. Not every business person has Design skills. What I can do with the knowledge of both fields is rather unique, specially in the music industry. Boom.

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Meet Julia

Julia BragaAbout the DEO / Founder

I am The Branding Girl and I run Just My Thing by myself. My studio is my passion and my life. I currently live in Kouvola, Finland. (A brazilian in Finland? How did that happen?)

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