• Craft your unforgettable b(r)and.

    Your band is a brand. It’s time you start treating it like a business to generate income.
  • Tell a compelling story to reach the right people.

    You need to be in touch with your audience. Learn why and how.
  • Bring the right mindset to bring your brand to life.

    Develop a resounding mission and vision for your brand. You need to hone your image to sell your music.
  • Unite Design and business to bring innovation and help people.

    Your art has power. Learn with us how to impact people’s lives and make a change.

Crafting a b(r)and that stands out is a challenge that we love taking on.

Your idea is already a great story. We want to help you tell it to the right people.

Get to know who your audience is and how to communicate clearly with them.

We put the cherry on the top with beautiful branding identity.

Your thing is Just My Thing. 

Latest blog posts

Music Artist Branding – What you are not doing
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So I committed to writing a book on the 31st of July, 2016 about music artist branding. Cringe worthy for most music artists. For most, but not the smart ones. It talks about the importance of branding for artists in the music business. As a Designer, I have a systematic view of problems, which is a skill I developed in University and with experience. You see, not every Designer has business skills. Not every business person has Design skills. What I can do with the knowledge of both fields is rather unique, specially in the music industry. Boom.

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Why is social media important for music artists
audience band band management branding bruce dickinson business communication ed force facebook fans google plus instagram iron maiden marketing media media management music music and media management music artist musician pro tip SMM snapchat social media social media management twitter youtube

On photo: Stratovarius live in PikNik Festival in Kouvola. Photo by us.

Social media is clearly the tool of the moment for all the industries. But specially for musicians, who are able to extend their reach to the audience through multiple social media platforms. Whether you are starting your career or you have been on the road for a long time, it’s important to keep your fans updated on your story. Why? Because that’s what they want from you. Start building an audience from the start.

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Global Afterparty Case Study
brand brand identity branding case study creative process global afterparty graphic design logo design manager music manager owl photographer tour manager visual identity

Global Afterparty is Assi Viljanen’s own awesome brand. She is a tour/music manager, first class world traveler and a photographer. Assi and I have been friends for a while, and we know each other well. We are similar in some ways, and it is has been interesting to find out how she wants to express her ideas and tell her story.

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Meet Julia

Julia BragaAbout the DEO / Founder

I am The Branding Girl and I run Just My Thing by myself. My studio is my passion and my life. I currently live in Kouvola, Finland. (A brazilian in Finland? How did that happen?)

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